The Magic of Rebranding a Company: Introducing Kadabra

by | Sep 15, 2020

Change is inevitable. Whether you are a leader or a company, growth is a much needed element–not only for survival, but for success and future growth. You may be familiar with SJ Leadership Coach’s dedication to helping people become leaders, and while the mission and the work haven’t changed, the company’s name has. Introducing Kadabra. Yes, you guessed it, the company rebranded.

With our merger with NextGen Orgs, it was the perfect time to rebrand and move forward as a new, different and combined organization. Kadabra doesn’t belong to just one person; it’s entirely new. It belongs to us.

Knowing Your Audience is Key to Survival

Rebranding–It’s bold. It’s risky. For Kadabra, it was time. This change is driven from a desire to be more transparent and intentional. Over the years of its existence, the company has transformed and expanded, naturally requiring an upgrade.

There comes a time when evaluating the progress of your organization is necessary. Sometimes it’s okay to stay the same and sometimes, it is time to change to more accurately portray the values and mission you represent. The essence of Kadabra goes beyond its enchanting name. It believes in the connection it has with the clients it serves and its desire to be inclusive.

Success is Driven by Purpose

But an organization is more than its name, it is its purpose. Kadabra is people driven and focused on creating results. In a world where instant gratification and how-to-tutorials have overly saturated the internet, Kadabra is still like no other leadership development company around.

A company’s mission or purpose is like the motor of a car. It is what keeps a vehicle moving. Kadabra’s motor is the people it serves because that’s where we get our energy to continue to do the work. Kadabra is also a team of people that thrives on ensuring you evolve and reach your goals.

The Magic is in the Science

While the new name of the company is more than what appears, there is no denying there is some level of magic involved. We don’t deny that. In fact, we celebrate when it happens. But although it feels magical, our methods are based on science and rigorous research. Our so-called magical methods are, in reality, reliably repeatable.

We not only let clients peer behind the curtain, we give them a map of the territory. Our goal is to create an unprecedented surge of positive change, beginning in and around the leaders of every organization we serve.

We simply cannot reach our goal if we hold our cards so close to the vest that nobody else can learn how to play. It’s in our best interest to empower the leaders we work with to learn from us, to develop their skills and adapt their behaviors to be both successful and relatable, and then turn around and mentor those that are coming up behind them. That’s the ripple effect of positive change that Kadabra is committed to.

One of the best attributes of the organization strives for is the quality of service it provides to its clients. But although it feels magical, Kadabra’s methods are based on science and rigorous research. The only magic brewing at Kadabra is client success.

Of course, we could never have done all this inner work on our own and we’re so thankful to have found Motto, founded by Ashleigh Hansberger and Sunny Bonnell, help us with the rebranding process. (You may remember Ashleigh and Sunny from an article about rare breeds back in December 2019.)

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