Guided Learning Experiences

Executive Coaching

At Kadabra, we help people develop the mindsets, skill sets and behaviors required for great leadership. Leveraging the Learn Lead Lift Framework™, our coaches dissolve fear, expand awareness, and challenge assumptions. No matter a leader’s individual personality or style, our coaching programs transform thinking and awaken potential.

Learn Lead Lift Education 

Learn Lead Lift Education provides the tools, resources and experiences that coaches, facilitators, educators and organizations need to develop inclusive, equity-minded, authentic and trauma-informed leaders. Whether you are looking for a single guided exercise, a workshop facilitation kit or an entire series of Learn Lead Lift courses, our flexible solutions are easy to integrate into any program or learning environment – remote, hybrid or in-person.

Everything DiSC® Workshops 

At Kadabra, we help your people do the inner work required to become better leaders. We support them to dissolve fear, expand awareness, and explore assumptions. We empower everyone (no matter the personality or style) to transform thinking, awaken potential, and lead with incredible skill and confidence. Because of this, leaders and teams become more than the sum of their parts and turn into powerful catalysts for organizational growth and change.

Bringing people together for a facilitated group debrief and learning experience with Everything DiSC® combined with the Learn Lead Lift Framework helps them understand different workstyles and personalities, learn to read people and translate self-awareness into transformative action.

Five Behaviors Workshops

The Learn Lead Lift Way
Introducing the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team model in combination with Everything DiSC® and the Learn Lead Lift Framework™ enables even greater breakthroughs and business results for teams and organizations.

A series of facilitated group learning sessions, combined with personalized assessments, demystifies the alchemy of great teamwork and provides a solid roadmap for growth and change.

The Learn Lead Lift Way

Learn Lead Lift Coaching

Learn Lead Lift Coaching accelerates individual and group leadership development and integration of the Learn Lead Lift Framework™ in your organization. Our coaches are seasoned practitioners who have worked across a wide variety of sectors, including local and federal government, not for profit, tech and life sciences. They have impressive track records of helping people succeed the Learn Lead Lift Way.

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