Linking Human Resources With Operational Strategies for Sustainable Success

Leadership Development For Mission Sustainability

When mission-aligned and forward thinking human resource and operational strategies are introduced to board members, school leaders and educators within a learning environment like Notre Dame San Jose (NDSJ), what emerges is an award-winning educational institution characterized by innovative thinking and sustainable education.

Notre Dame High School (NDSJ) is located in the heart of downtown San Jose. Notre Dame provides young women an exemplary Catholic, college-preparatory education to become life-long learners, spiritual seekers, justice advocates and community leaders. They take inspiration from Saint Julie Billiart and the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur to empower young women and “teach them what they need to know for life.” 

Challenges and Objectives 

When Kadabra first became engaged with NDSJ in 2015, the school had just published a new, five-year Strategic Plan. and was preparing to launch a capital campaign to build the Center for Women’s Leadership on campus. Fast forward to today, and NDSJ has partnered with Kadabra to design and facilitate initiatives to:

Operationalize an existing strategic plan and create the next one to succeed it.


Manage organizational change


Develop the Leadership Team


Evolve the organizational structure


Enhance cross-functional team collaboration


Facilitate succession planning supported by a new leadership competency model.


Study relevant trends expected to impact the school’s future sustainability and enable the Board to act proactively vs. reactively to changes over time.

NDSJ is becoming the Center for Women’s Leadership in Silicon Valley.

Nationally recognized as one of the top high schools for young women in the United States, NDSJ is known for developing women of impact. Through its partnership with Kadabra, the organization, its leadership team and Board have grown their capacity for innovative thinking, managing change, nurturing talent, and ensuring sustainable success. 


“Wendy Ryan has been a godsend to our school! She has provided coaching and training in the areas of leadership, change management, strategic planning and sustainability research. From working with teachers to board members, Wendy is able to tailor the scope of consultation to meet the immediate needs and to promote future growth, whether the scope is broad – positioning for growth through culture change – or narrow – leadership development for individuals.”

Mary Beth Riley, Head of School, Notre Dame San Jose

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