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Evolve: A New Era of Leadership

January 24, 2024

Join Wendy Ryan, a seasoned HR and organizational development expert, CEO, and author of Learn Lead Lift, in the latest episode of “Evolve: A New Era of Leadership,” Wendy shares her journey of writing the book she wished she had at 22. Learn Lead Lift is not just a guide for fresh graduates but a lifelong companion for anyone on a leadership path. It’s about mindset, leadership, and making impactful changes at every career stage.

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The Writer’s Game

May 22, 2023

Wendy Ryan joins Kyle S. King on the Writer’s Game Podcast to talk about her thoughts on leadership and how leaders can think, act and inspire their way to greatness.

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Servant Leadership Conference 23, SGR

January 26, 2023
Speaking Engagement: Servant Leadership Conference 23

Kadabra CEO, Wendy Ryan, asks “Are you currently the leader you want to be? Being a leader is a conscious decision made daily. Some leaders are loud and proud. Some leaders, even though quiet and reserved, are still quite compelling. What story do you want your leadership style to tell about you? Your story will be read by your staff, your peers, and your superiors. Find out how to dig deep to cultivate mindful leadership, making it a best-read story that will resound with a powerful and lasting impact.

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Film Trailer: Show Her The Money

February 26, 2023
Trailer: Show Her The Money

Kadabra CEO, Wendy Ryan, is an Executive Producer and stars in this feature length documentary pulling back the curtain on the venture capital world, creating awareness about why women get less than 2% of VC funding and how we can change that situation. The film tells the incredible stories of a female fund manager, female angel investors, and the women who are the recipients of those funds- women who otherwise would not be getting funded. The film features the history of women in the angel investment and VC worlds and talks about how together we can impact the future.

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Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will

March 7, 2023
Episode: Mindset Agility featuring Wendy Ryan

Self-awareness in leadership, dealing with skeptics, practicing healthy detachment and the importance of integrating identity and lived experiences into team development work are key topics in this thought-provoking interview with Kadabra CEO, Wendy Ryan.

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Leading Through Mindful Momentum

February 2023

Leading people and organizations through disruption requires mindsets, skill sets and behaviors that are trauma-informed. Kadabra CEO, Wendy Ryan offers guidelines for creating trauma-informed workspaces and explains the concept of mindful momentum in her illuminating article for Emergence Magazine.

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CCEDA – Faith-Based Webinar: Leadership & Succession

September 22, 2022
Wendy Ryan, CEO of Kadabra

Wendy Ryan, CEO of Kadabra, shares the virtual stage, courtesy of CCEDA, with Gisela Salgado and Bob Zdenek during this Faith-Based webinar. They disucssed a hot topic: leadership and succession planning for faith-based organizations.

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Inspired Nonprofit Leadership

August 4, 2022
Inspired Leadership: Mindsets and More

Wendy Ryan, CEO of Kadabra, talks with host Mary Hiland of “Inspired Nonprofit Leadership.” Wendy talks about her Learn Lead Lift Framework, focusing on mind sets and which mindsets are needed for successful leadership.

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How to Live a Fantastic Life

July 26, 2022
Influencing Others to Achieve Results

Wendy Ryan, CEO of Kadabra, talks with host Dr. Allen Lycka of “How to Live A Fantastic Life.” Wendy shares her vision of a world where people love going to work thanks to leaders who are inspiring and supportive, and who create a culture that lifts each team member up.

I am CEO

June 2022
Author Helps Leaders Achieve Success as Individuals and in Teams

Wendy Ryan, CEO of Kadabra, talks with Gresham W. Harkless Jr. in the “I am CEO” Podcast and shares her #1 hack for leaders. Learn how to be very clear and intentional about who you want to be and who you are actually being.

Heart-Hustle-Humor Podcast

Host: Theresa M. Ashby, Ph.D., MBA

February 1, 2022
Heart Hustle Humor Podcast

What makes a leader “great”, how you go from good to great as a leader and how working with a coach can help.

Founder Leadership Best Practices, AMA with Wendy Ryan, CEO of Kadabra

Host: Dustin Betz

January 22, 2022
Founders Institute Global Alumni Event

Wendy Ryan, CEO of Kadabra, takes you on a brief journey on what leadership means to a start-up founder.

Life and Leadership: A Conscious Journey

Host: Michelle St. Jane

January 1, 2022
Your Healthy Living With Leadership Coach Wendy Ryan

Wendy Ryan, CEO of Kadabra, talks with host, Michelle St. Jane, about why leaders need to become trauma-informed, the difference between cultural competence and cultural humility and why they matter in leadership.

Inve$t In HER

Catherine Gray

December 22, 2021
Wendy Ryan, Author and CEO Kadabra

How to become an angel investor and why we need more investors who identify as women, BIPOC, and/or LGBTQ+.

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Partnering Leadership

Host: Mahan Tavakoli

December 16, 2021
How to Think, Act and Inspire Your Way to Greatness with Wendy Ryan | Partnering Leadership Global Thought Leader

Why leading organizational change requires a growth mindset, plus how great leaders both encourage team members to take risks and hold them accountable.

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Chan’s Bookshelf with Chandra Gore

Host: Chandra Gore

December 15, 2021
Chan’s Bookshelf with Chandra Gore

A candid conversation about the challenges Wendy faced finishing Learn Lead Lift during a global pandemic and how she built the Learn Lead Lift Framework™ to be relevant for leaders now and in the future.

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Long Life Short Stories By Darcel Dillard-Suite

Host: Darcel Dillard-Suite

December 14, 2021
Long Life Short Stories

Kadabra CEO WEndy Ryan sheds much light on being a “change agent” and how best to support leaders.

A Life and a Living Podcast

Host: John Murphy

November 9, 2021
Learn to Lead and Lift Your People

What it means to be a leader in a changing and volatile world, the importance of equity and inclusion, and how to face leadership challenges we aren’t sure how to tackle.

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Human Capital Innovations Podcast

Host: Jonathan Westover

November 9, 2021
COVID, How Leadership Needs to Change, and the 3T Model™, with Wendy Ryan

Wendy discusses the impact of COVID on leaders, how leadership needs to change, and the 3T Model™.

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Mental Health in Minutes

Host: Lindsay Recknell

November 5, 2021
Supporting Teams Through Authenticity

How leaders can rebuild trust and support their teams through authenticity and vulnerability.

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Game Changer Mentality Podcast

Host: Rodney Flowers

November 4, 2021
Reimagining Leadership for the Future with Wendy Ryan

Wendy and Rodney Flowers discuss how we can reimagine leadership for the better the Learn Lead Lift way – today and in the future.

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(Re)Learning Leadership

Host: Pete Behrens

November 3, 2021
Exploring Identity in the Workplace with Wendy Ryan

Wendy explains why and how great leaders acknowledge that identity matters in the workplace.

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October 19, 2021
The Economic Impact of a Hybrid Office

Why organizations who embrace a human-centered approach to designing hybrid workplaces, schedules, and in-person collaboration requirements are going to be best positioned to thrive over the next 20 years.

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Weaving Influence Podcast

Host: Becky Robinson

October 12, 2021
Marketing Your Book as a New Author

Wendy shares her perspective of the book marketing process and the lessons she learned marketing  Learn Lead Lift.  

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The workplace podcast

Host: William Corless

October 8, 2021
The real work of leadership with Wendy Ryan

Wendy discusses key elements of the Learn Lead Lift FrameworkTM and how they illuminate the real work of leadership.

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October 5, 2021
Great Cultures Are Made, Not Born

Defining organizational culture, how to build the one you want and how to shift it when it needs to change.

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October 5, 2021
Author Interview  – Wendy Ryan Learn Lead Lift

Wendy’s process of writing Learn Lead Lift, her advice to other aspiring authors and will she write more books?

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The Breakfast Leadership Show

Host: Michael Levitt

October 2, 2021
Interview with Wendy Ryan

Hear the origin story of Learn Lead Lift, and the innovative approach Wendy took to develop the Learn Lead Lift Framework™

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Leadership Excellence Podcast

Host: Danny Langloss

September 26, 2021
Learn Lead Lift with Wendy Ryan of Kadabra

A deep dive into the role privilege plays in leadership and the critical need for leaders to show up as allies in the workplace.

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Yahoo News!

Contributor: Gabrielle Olya

September 16, 2021
What’s Causing America’s Career Crisis?

Beyond changing how we work, COVID-19 caused many employees to reassess their current jobs through a new critical lens.

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September 15, 2021

A Conversation With Wendy Ryan About Mindful Leadership

An introduction to 21st century leadership calculus, DEPTH, VUCA and I EAT Leadership, what following the math requires and the meaning behind Kadabra.

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School for Startups Radio

Host: Jim Beach

September 9, 2021
Positive Head and Golden Key Brandon Beachum and Kadabra Wendy Ryan

A humor-filled look at great leadership through the lens of the Learn Lead Lift Framework™.

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September 8, 2021

9 Best Practices For Remote Working Agreements, Policies And Procedures

To effectively lead a remote or hybrid team, understand the intrinsic motivations your employees have for getting their job done.

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Senior Contributor: Edward Segal

August 31, 2021
Executives Don’t Trust All Employees To Handle Remote Working Tech Issues, Survey Finds

Four success strategies leveraging communication, consistency and parameters to lead your hybrid team.

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Wisdom to Lead/Mind Your Leadership

Host: Karen Tsuk

August 23, 2021
Leading Mindfully with Wendy Ryan

What it means to be a leader today and how to lead mindfully through challenging times.

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August 19, 2021
Inspiring Conversations with Wendy Ryan of Kadabra

How Kadabra CEO Wendy Ryan leveraged her own struggles with bias and mental health to generate paradigm-shifting insights on leadership.

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June 30, 2021

20 Entrepreneurs Explain What Being A CEO Means To Them

Kadabra CEO Wendy Ryan shares why and how the buck always stops with her.

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How to Think, Act and Inspire Your Way to Greatness with Wendy Ryan

Host: Natalie Barron

August 31, 2021
Lead Your Life

What does successful, powerful leadership mean to you? How do you lean into the unique qualities and values that you bring to your leadership? My guest this week, Wendy Ryan, talks all about how you can think, act and inspire your way to greatness.

Entrepreneurial You Podcast

Host: Heneka Watkis Porter

August 31, 2021
Act and Inspire Your Way to Greatness

What truly separates a leader from a follower? Discover how mindset, skillset, and behavior distinguish the type of leader you are.

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Leadership From The Arena

Host: Austin Hollifield

August 23, 2021
Leadership From The Arena With Wendy Ryan

An introduction to “I EAT” leadership, which is Inclusive, equity-minded, authentic and trauma-informed – the heart of the Learn Lead Lift Framework™

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Your Healthy Living KIYS Radio

Host: Alexandrew Lee Dr. Shasta Tierra

May 22, 2018
Your Healthy Living With Leadership Coach Wendy Ryan

What makes a leader “great”, how you go from good to great as a leader and how working with a coach can help.

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Business Digest Magazine

Contributor: Fanele Moyo

May 18, 2021
Interview with Wendy Ryan: Growing Exceptional Leadership and Teams to Surge Positive Change

Kadabra CEO Wendy Ryan shares what inspires her to advocate for increasing diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility in the business and investor ecosystems.

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Human Capital Podcast

Contributor: Jeff Hunt

May 18, 2021
Wendy Ryan, CEO Kadabra

Creating a surge of positive change, the hidden flaws of meritocracy and how to better leverage underutilized talent.

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One Sharp Sword

Host: Dr. Wayne Pennell

May 18, 2021
Interview with Wendy Ryan

Human systems are biological ones. Why we need to shift away from mechanical models for managing our businesses to become future ready.

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The Content Experiment

Host: Abby Herman

May 10, 2021
Enhancing Leadership Through Vulnerability with Wendy Ryan

Most people associate vulnerability with weakness. In reality, vulnerability is closely related to authenticity and integrity.

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March 17, 2021

5 Ways to Build Innovative Teams

An introduction to 21st century leadership calculus, DEPTH, VUCA and I EAT Leadership, what following the math requires and the meaning behind Kadabra.

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February 8, 2021

Creating Brave Cultures Through Transformational Leadership

How Kadabra’s approach to organizational change goes deeper and stretches beyond the traditional – working at both the head and heart level to expand what’s possible.

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December 30, 2020

Diverse Teams in Today’s Work Climate

How the Kadabra team works to embody a diverse, equitable and inclusive company so that when we help other organizations do this work it’s coming from a place of manifested integrity and authenticity.

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Women Speakers Association

Host: Laura Rubinstein

November 21, 2020
How to Harness the Power of the Mind

Features Wendy and three other influential women leaders revealing how they help people break barriers of the mind and live up to their potential.

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Fundraising Radio

Host: Konstantine Dubovitsky

June 9, 2020
Applying to angel groups, raising money as a female founder and ways to improve your chances of getting your application reviewed by an angel group – by Wendy Ryan

For founders who identify as female (or non-binary), getting funded is especially challenging. Find out how you can overcome barriers to success.

November 26, 2019

Slow Down to Do More: “Don’t assume you will be less busy someday”, with Wendy Ryan

Six strategies to mitigate the downside of emphasizing short-term productivity and efficiency in the workplace at the expense of long-term productivity.

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