How Kadabra is Switching and Changing with the Times

by | Oct 5, 2021

How Kadabra is Switching and Changing with the Times

This summer was a season of unanticipated changes and transitions for me and for the Kadabra team. Now that we are transitioning into fall, we are individually and collectively forging ahead but we’re taking a new direction with the business and our roles.

Like so many other businesses that deliver coaching and consulting services, Kadabra experienced a prolonged and ongoing period of intense disruption over the past eighteen months due to COVID-19, our global racial reckoning, and political polarization. On top of that, just about every one of our team members, including me, have been coping with difficult personal challenges as well. For some of us, that meant our personal health or the health of our loved ones declined dramatically and unexpectedly. Some of our loved ones died. Others were managing the stress and upheaval from moving households cross-country. Some of us have had to deal with all of the above.

There have been a lot of tears, including mine, both during and between Zoom calls, for each other and for ourselves. I realize that our team is not unique in that sense, nor have been our struggles. What has been unique is how committed we have been to supporting one another, our clients and our business partners through all of it.

I’ve had the great privilege to lead many teams over my career, and can honestly say the Kadabra team is the most vulnerable, authentic, humble, and brave group of humans I’ve ever worked with. It has inspired me and kept me going through the toughest of days. Days when all I wanted was to stay in bed with the covers pulled over my head—because as their leader how could I NOT show up for them?

Going forward, showing up as the CEO of Kadabra will require different things from me in the future than it did in the past. It means enabling asynchronous delivery for much of our coaching and advisory work instead of facilitating live, virtual, or in-person sessions. It means I’ll be doing more solo work—such as writing and speaking. It means building a roadmap for a suite of products and programs that can serve far more people, with a wider variety of needs and backgrounds, wherever they may be located. And the hardest one for me personally, is that I will likely continue to be physically remote while “at work” much more often than I will likely be onsite with our clients.

Kadabra is transitioning over the next twenty-four months from a consulting-led to a product-led business model. As part of this transition, we made the difficult decision to eliminate the Practice Leader role and have adopted a new, leaner organizational structure. We’re not going to stop coaching, facilitating and consulting, but those activities will gradually become part of vs. most of what we do.

I want to emphasize that our core mission and purpose will remain unchanged—to expand what’s possible for leaders and their organizations to achieve. And, our current clients and business partners will continue to enjoy excellent service from Kadabra without interruption.

I am excited for what the future holds as we build a new product suite leveraging the Learn Lead Lift Framework™. The Learn Lead Lift Framework™ is based on my bestselling book, Learn Lead Lift: How to Think, Act, and Inspire Your Way to Greatness.

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