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The Learn Lead Lift Way

Kadabra is known for helping leaders to grow and change

We support them to shift their mindsets, skill sets and behaviors through The Learn Lead Lift Framework® and unique learning experiences. We empower them – no matter their personality or style – to transform their thinking, awaken their potential, and lead with incredible skill and confidence.

Executive Coaching is for:

  • Leaders working in organizations that are experiencing significant growth and/or change, such as a merger, entering a new market, transforming organizational culture or integrating new policies and practices to increase diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • Leaders currently transitioning into new roles or those preparing to take on broader responsibilities in the future for organizational success.
  • Leaders who need to accelerate a shift in their mindsets, grow new skill sets and/or change their behaviors within twelve months.
The Learn Lead Lift Way

Benefits and Return on Investment

Executive coaching is one of the best financial investments an organization can make. Consider these examples:

Everything DiSC® workplace map.
  • The International Coaching Federation (ICF) reports 86% of organizations that invest in coaching realize a positive ROI and 96% would repeat the process again if they could.
  • Metrix Global found that executive coaching typically yields between a 500%-700% average return on investment (ROI).
  • Some studies report the average increase in individual performance with executive coaching is 70%, while increases in team performance and organizational performance are about 50% and 48% on average, respectively.
  • According to a survey of 100 executives mostly from Fortune 1000 companies, an investment in executive coaching realized an average ROI of almost six times the cost of the coaching.
  • The Personnel Management Association found executive coaching combined with training increased individual productivity by 86% on average compared to only a 22% increase in productivity with training alone.

How It Works

There are three phases to an Kadabra Executive Coaching engagement:


Generating ideas to help your leaders heighten their awareness, raise their influence, increase their impact, and build a more inclusive culture that aligns with their values.

Development Planning

Creating a leadership development plan or journey map, identifying the resources needed to successfully execute and aligning with key stakeholders to enlist their support.


Putting strategies and tactics into action through guided practice, reflection and deep learning supported by a Kadabra Coach.

The table highlights key features of our nine-month program. Executive Coaching engagements can be shorter or longer than that depending on client needs.


Everything DiSC® Certification prepares practitioners to deliver engaging and impactful DiSC® learning experiences that help people work better together.

Up to 3 People

  $24k to $50k /Person (depending on role)

4 – 10 People

  $21.6k to $45k /Person (depending on role)

11+ People

  $19.2k to $40k /Person (depending on role)

Kadabra Executive Coaching is a premium service so we price it accordingly. Your investment will vary according to the role of the leader in your organization who you want to receive coaching (for example, do they lead a team, a function, business unit and/or enterprise? and how many people you want to receive executive coaching in your organization. To explore other great options for working with a Kadabra Coach, check out our Learn Lead Lift 1:1 or Group Coaching here.

More About Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a three-way (and sometimes a four-way) commitment and partnership. There are three distinct roles in every Kadabra Executive Coaching engagement:

The Coach

Kadabra’s Executive Coaches:

  • Expand the Client’s view of what is possible.
  • Provide the Client with the gift of authentic feedback.
  • Facilitate the Client’s discovery of new insights.
  • Provide a safe space for the Client to challenge self-limiting mindsets, grow new skill sets and practice new behaviors.
  • Serve as an important resource for the Client to advance their career goals.
We help people develop the mindsets, skill sets, and behaviors required for great leadership.

The Client

We ask our Clients to:

  • Commit to the executive coaching process and goals that are truly meaningful and significant to them.
  • Be open to their Coach’s feedback and provide feedback to their Coach in return, especially as to what is and is not working.
  • Take ownership for their progress and accomplishments.
  • Prioritize their coaching sessions for scheduling purposes as they would other key meetings.

The Sponsor(s)

We ask our Sponsors to:

  • Honestly explain the reason the organization has decided to invest in coaching and how we will evaluate its success.  
  • Support the Client as they learn and apply new mindsets, skill sets and behaviors at work.
  • Respect the confidentiality of the Coach and Client relationship.
  • Provide additional support and resources upon request.
Learn Lead Lift Education provides the tools, resources and experiences that coaches, facilitators, educators and organizations need to develop inclusive, equity-minded, authentic, and trauma-informed leaders.


“This year was an incredibly challenging year for anyone in a leadership position. Having Gail as an executive coach was like having a ray of light or a little angel on my shoulder who I turned to as a resource for support in a chaotic time. Over the course of the year, Gail taught me how to ask the right questions, and how to trust and follow my leadership instincts. Her most precious gift however was not the time that she spent coaching me, or the resources that she helped me acquire, it was that she facilitated my process of finding my inner coach.”
Jessy Beckett Parr

Foundation Director, CCOF Foundation

“Wendy’s approach to leadership development was transformative for me.  As we worked through multiple leadership and behavior models, Wendy was able to move from theory to real time practice very quickly.  As a result, I developed personalized tools to help navigate the challenges of operating a large creative and complex institution. The time I spent with Wendy was invaluable and I highly recommend her for any executive needing to dive deeper into maximizing their unique talents within an organization.”
Julie Nunn

Sr. Director of Marketing, The Exploratorium

“I truly enjoyed working with Wendy while I was at Sheplers as the SVP of Stores. She is a great coach and advisor! Her positive, energetic, and intellectual approach to her work is an asset! Her effectiveness goes beyond her immediate contacts as the larger team benefits from her engagement. I highly recommend her!”
Larry Waterman

Executive Vice President and COO at Cavender’s

Check Out Learn Lead Lift Coaching

Executive Coaching not quite what you’re searching for? Learn Lead Lift Coaching may be a great option for you.


What is the difference between Kadabra’s Executive Coaching services and Learn Lead Lift Coaching?

Stakeholder engagement and alignment is the primary difference.  With Executive Coaching, we establish a three-way (and sometimes four-way if we include HR) partnership between the Coach, the Client and Sponsor (who is usually the Client’s direct or skip-level boss.)  The three or four of us connect and align at key points in the process to support the Client’s growth and development as a leader.

With Learn Lead LIft Coaching, engagement and alignment happens between the Coach and the Client only. For leaders who want (or need) to pay for their own coaching or for organizations who want to provide self-directed coaching support at scale for many leaders, Learn Lead LIft Coaching is a great solution.

Do clients get to select their own Kadabra Executive Coach? How does that work?

Yes.  Each Client receives 2-3 Kadabra Executive Coach profiles to review and from those will select 1 or 2 to meet with via Zoom before making a final selection.

How do Kadabra Executive Coaches maintain confidentiality?

Most information our Clients provide to their Kadabra Executive Coach is treated as confidential information and will not be shared with anyone else, including the Client’s Sponsor(s).   One exception would be if the Coach were compelled by law or professional ethics to disclose a Client’s confidential information.  Executive Coaching is not intended to be a replacement for therapy or legal counsel, but we hold ourselves to similar standards of professional conduct and duty of care.

During the Assessment and Development Planning phases, The Client and their Kadabra Coach work together to identify key areas of development based on the Client’s strengths and areas of opportunity, their career goals and their current/future role to create a Development Plan.  Then, the Client, their Kadabra Coach and their Sponsor(s) will meet to review the Client’s Development Plan.  Sponsor(s) may also receive periodic, high level updates regarding the Client’s progress from the Kadabra Coach.

Additionally, members of our Operations Team may have access to a Client’s confidential information in the course of supporting the coaching engagement (e.g. scheduling meetings, providing toolsets and resource materials, transcribing coaching session notes, etc.).

What is your cancellation policy?

Kadabra Executive Coaching services are invoiced at the beginning of each month for that same month and coaching sessions are usually scheduled out 30-90 days in advance.  Once scheduled, our Executive Coaches reserve that time on their calendars and cannot easily transfer the time to other engagements.  For that reason, we ask for a minimum of 48 hours to reschedule a coaching session.  We cannot guarantee that last-minute cancellation requests will be accommodated for rescheduling.

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to end an executive coaching engagement early.  Organizations may request to cancel executive coaching services for one or more of their leaders with 14 days’ written notice.

Meet Your Coaches

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Gail Finger (she/her/hers)

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