Connecting a Global Workforce

How Improving Self-awareness and Other-awareness Powers Company Growth.

Elastic Networks entrusted Kadabra to help them embrace differences among one another at all levels. The goal was to identify complementary skills and personalities and through that, enhance their working relationships. Kadabra’s customized approach helped shift employee behaviors and communication at Elastic – opening space for more connection and understanding and ultimately, leading to higher levels of creativity and productivity from the team.

Challenges and Objectives 

During a period of rapid growth, the remote global workforce at Elastic Networks was experiencing some miscommunication between coworkers. HR executives wanted to create more meaningful connections among teams who were working across time zones, continents, and cultures.

By deepening their connections and understanding of one another, the hope was that employees could focus more of their collective energy on the growth and success of the organization as well as their customers.

Team members learned how to tap into their individual motivations and connect to the company’s mission through a combination of assessments, learning sessions and self-reflection. They learned how to quickly identify differences and similarities in personality and workstyles and then leverage that information to work more effectively with each other.

The team at Elastic Networks was successful in cultivating a better understanding of one another and was able to focus more of their energy on executing the organizational mission. Gaining a deeper understanding of one another, enabled them to achieve higher levels of synergy and increased productivity.

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