Customer Success

Elastic Networks

How Improving Self-awareness and Other-awareness Powers Company Growth

Elastic Networks entrusted Kadabra to help them embrace differences among one another at all levels. The goal was to identify complementary skills and personalities and through that, enhance their working relationships. Kadabra’s customized approach helped shift employee behaviors and communication at Elastic–opening space for more connection and understanding and ultimately, leading to higher levels of creativity and productivity from the team.

San Jose Water

Navigating Culture Change and Leadership Development Following a Merger

San Jose Water needed leaders to engage in the latest best practices for leadership by first gaining a deeper understanding of themselves. Through strategic assessments, planning, and coaching, leaders built the necessary tool sets required to continue improving their leadership on their own. This has helped leaders with honoring the organization’s values of Integrity, Transparency, Service, Compassion, Teamwork, Respect and Trust while navigating the organization’s evolving culture.

Notre Dame

Linking Human Resources with Operational Strategies for Sustainable Success

When mission-aligned and forward thinking human resource and operational strategies are introduced to board members, school leaders and educators within a learning environment like Notre Dame San Jose (NDSJ), what emerges is an award-winning educational institution characterized by innovative thinking and sustainable education

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