Amit Raikar (he/him/his) has trained and coached high-performers and leaders, led and managed teams, and developed a rich background in leadership development, communication, and behavior change over the past twenty years. He has worked for and with a range of organizations within regional government, federal government, retail, non-profits, technology, health care, and more.

He thrives in cultivating the potential in others, helping leaders, teams, and cultures to empower themselves and others for greater impact. He takes a holistic approach with the people he serves, integrating their “hard” and “soft” skills as well as analytical and creative strengths which leads to more impactful problem solving, leadership, and team performance.

He is a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Tiny Habits© certified coach, and a self-development nerd (always excited to learn the latest science and research in a variety of fields). He and his wife share a love for being in the woods, a joy for DJing, and a fun fascination for dinosaurs.