New to us? Welcome! We’re glad you’re here.

You might be wondering…
  • How can our Board evolve to be more diverse and future-ready?
  • What do our current, new and emerging executives need in order to succeed?
  • How do we turn brilliant individual contributors into great people managers?
  • How do we optimize teamwork for new ways of working?
  • What will help us to quickly reduce staff turnover and increase engagement?
  • How can we make sure everyone feels like they belong here?

Maybe your team struggles to keep up with the growth you’re experiencing. You’ve got people who were great in their old positions as engineers or sales superstars, but they’re floundering now as people managers.

Or, you know it’s (past) time to become a more inclusive organization, but you’re not sure where to start. 

On top of all this, it’s time for a new strategic plan, but how can you plan 3-5 years out in these VUCA times?

You’re overwhelmed thinking about how to fix it all, and you’re tired of piecemeal solutions. You’ve seen that band-aid fixes often fall apart and cause even bigger problems. You’re seeking fresh insights from partners with grounded yet innovative perspectives.

We get it. We know what it takes to catalyze sustainable change for individuals, teams and organizations.

And, we know you won’t solve tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s thinking.


Catalyze leadership readiness, resilience and results


Amplify team-based creativity and collaboration and reduce friction.


Transform systems to improve organizational culture, innovation, and inclusion.


  • Real clarity about how the company needs to evolve, now… and exactly what it will take from everyone to execute it.
  • A renewed sense of purpose and company values is supporting decision making at all levels.
  • Tensions within the organization, among teams, and within individuals are resolved more rapidly and easily. 
  • You are getting the best ideas ever from your team, including from some unlikely sources.
  • Your people feel empowered to solve issues before they become big problems
  • Your people love coming to work again (even if they’re working from home)

We know you’re thinking, “Is this really possible?”

  • Yes, drawing leaders out of latency is possible.
  • Positive transformation is possible. ​
  • Business metamorphosis is possible. ​
  • People, teams, and companies can learn how to break through the barriers holding them back. ​

​And on the other side?​

In our experience and to our delight, ​anything you want is possible.​



Kadabra is a future-focused leadership and change consulting firm grounded in experiential insight. Our aim? To expand what’s possible for you, your team and your organization to imagine today and manifest in the future.

Team Members

Inclusivity is a core value at Kadabra. We are committed to building and nurturing an inclusive and equitable working environment for all staff, affiliates and partners. We believe every member on our team enhances our diversity by bringing different perspectives in understanding and engaging with the world and exploring what’s possible. Come join our team!

Alec headshot

Alec Ferguson (he/him/his)
IT / Experience Support

Gail Finger Headshot 2019

Gail Finger (she/her/hers)
Senior Consultant

Sherri Horan headshot

Sherri Horan (she/her/hers)
Senior Consultant

Johanna Lyman

Johanna Lyman (she/her or they/them)
Senior Consultant


Heather Leavitt Martinez (she/her/hers)
Director of Design and Visualization

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Wendy Ryan (she/her/hers)

MSilkwood headshot

Monica Silkwood (she/her/hers)
Director of Operations and Experience

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